What is verified and free membership? offers both free and paid for memberships. As a Free Member, you do not need to pay any fee to buy or sell on Besides, there are a number of advantages to becoming a paid member, also known as a verified Supplier.For verification process documents of firm required,To learn more, please contact our Help desk Team by email

Key roles and processes at

Sellers (or exporters) can list company information and product information (together with photos, descriptions, specifications, price, FDI etc.) on 
Users (or Buyers) search products by using Brand name, Seller name, Services and FDI (foxdray unique ID) and then make inquiries to negotiate or place orders. 
Whether you want to join with, join free today!

How can I register for a Seller account?

You can register sell on foxdray for making seller account. And also upload appropriate details.

How do I improve my rating?

The rating is improved by selling quality products and offer best price. Building the rating is a gradual process which depends on a number of long-term performance measurements. Some ways to improve your trust rating include: submit your company certificates; actively resolve any disputes with business partners; avoid false trading and maintain good financial practices.

What is FDI?

FDI is a  foxdray unique identity number. This is a 9 digit numbers which is unique for each product.FDI shows your products details which you want to show to your customers. In foxdray home page users can reach to your products by using FDI, and also can understand where are your products available near .It helps to branding your product also helps to reach your customers to you.

How I get FDI?

FDI is provided from foxdray technical team under FD criteria.Its only provided for manufactures of product.
For more details please contact at

Where Can I Use FDI?

FDI can use on your products Details, advertisements and every where your product can Show.

What is Foxdray Quality?

The “Q symbol” is used for products that meets all foxdray quality criteria. It also depends on customers reviews, certifications and on site visit.  For more details contact

Is the payment is  Secure?

All payments on are secure, which is used for membership plan.

What is f-store?

Its best way to connect local customers through foxdray. For customers can easily get offers provided in thier place.Its mainly focused for ratail business.

How to get f-store approval?

You can easily get approval through Make a store in foxdray and upgrade membership(alpha scheme). For more details contact


What should I do for easily getting the product or service?

Two methods are there if you cannot find a suitable product, supplier or service through the search, try to post quotes what is required for you.

  •  To post a Buying Request:

    1. Sign in to
    2. Click Request Quote

  • FDI (foxdray unique ID)

You can search proper product by using FDI, and also can understand where that products are available near you.

How many products can I add in My Wish?

You can add up to 100 products to Wish. If you have already reached the limit, you can delete old items.

Does provide a shipping service?

Currently, has not provided logistics service platform. You can search best logistics team which is favorable.

Can recommend me specific products?

Please note: is not the supplier of the products displayed on

But you can choose product from verified sellers to avoid fraud. Also give preference to best customer reviewed products. 

Who are Prime Partners?

Prime Partners who have been inspected onsite by a third-party inspection company. They offer all the information of our Factory Audits and more, including Assessment ReportsVerified Documents and Verified Main Products.

Before you make a deal, we encourage you to research customers feedbacks and request their Company documents, so you can source smarter and safer.

How can I find trustworthy sellers? is unable to guarantee - it is 100% safe to trade with any of the sellers on the site. However, we do have some tips for you on how to trade safer,

1. In order to build trust faster, trade with verified sellers on

2. Try to ensure product quality by requesting samples.

3. Analyze seller’s profiles and products by using customer reviews.

What is Request a Quote?

Request a Quote helps you find the right suppliers as fast as possible. 

Who can use Request for Quotation?

All buyers who are registered as foxdray members can use Request a Quote. Not yet a Member? Join FREE now!

What is MOQ?

MOQ is short for Minimum Order Quantity which refers to the minimum quantity a supplier accepts in one order. 

What is Trade show?

Trade show is the biggest online platform that provides comprehensive solutions to exhibit your products. It helps our users find and attend exhibitions and sourcing events from all over the world. You can find information from exhibitions and exhibitors representing all industries. 

Want to know more; please contact .

What is Launching?

Launching is the best method for getting attention from users around the world. This helps to improve your products branding value and also get maximum sale.